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Hokkaido Yotsuba Milk


Bannistar worked on naming and packaging for Yotsuba Milk Products Co., Ltd’s Singapore brand, “Hokkaido Yotsuba Milk”.
We have worked on packaging for “Hokkaido Milk”, which had already been sold in Singapore, and this new project has followed it.


“Hokkaido Milk” has developed a reputation delivering pasteurized milk manufactured at Konsen Factory (Kushiro-shi, Hokkaido) to Singapore, and packing/selling the product at local dairy companies.
The next step was to export milk packed in the factory in Hokkaido, a raw milk producing area. The valuable “Hokkaido” label has a high brand image even in Singapore, so it was necessary for the new design to emphasize the brand’s “Hokkaido” image, directly communicate that “Yotsuba = Hokkaido”, and appeal the product’s luxuriousness associated with its high quality.


“Improving recognition of HOKKAIDO = YOTSUBA”
We suggested emphasizing “Yotsuba” in the product name, not just the logo. This was because we concluded that by raising awareness of Yotsuba in Singapore, the brand’s uniqueness could be better maintained. We kept the white background (= snow) and ranch from the original design, so Singaporeans could imagine Hokkaido. Because white packaging for milk is rare in Singapore, Yotsuba can stand out.
We printed “HOKKAIDO YOTSUBA MILK” on the Hokkaido emblem at the top to further strengthen the connection of “Yotsuba = Hokkaido”. We also created a new “Made in Hokkaido” emblem, to raise awareness that milk manufactured in Hokkaido was being directly exported to Singapore. Currently, the product is sold at well-known supermarkets in Singapore such as FairPrice and Cold Storage.

Client Voice

As a dairy company from Hokkaido, Yotsuba Milk Products originally manufacture milk and dairy products using high quality raw milk. Japan is our top priority for sales location, but as the domestic market is expected to decrease in size, we decided to sell milk in Singapore as a site of new demand, and asked Bannistar work on design. They proposed that what Singaporeans associate most with Hokkaido is “snow”, and we released the product “Hokkaido Milk”, which draws on the image of Hokkaido during winter. This design has received praise not just from people in Singapore, but from people in Japan as well.

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