Bannistar was in charge of package design development for all products in the GUM PROCARE series by the Sunstar Group Oral Care Company (Sunstar).
Sunstar is a global company that develops oral care and health and beauty businesses with a management philosophy of "always strive to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality-of-life". They have developed brands loved by consumers for many years such as the periodontal care brand “GUM” made from the world's most advanced periodontal research, the mouth care brand “Ora2” for active women in their 20s and 30s, and the hair styling brand for women “VO5”.
Since its release in 1989 as a gum disease prevention product, the GUM series has been widely loved by users as an oral care brand. In addition to the GUM series (regular series), there is a more advanced series called the GUM AC series. However, in light of diversifying consumer needs and a market environment where high-performance oral care products from competitors are appearing one after another, they decided to renew the GUM AC series.


There were issues to be solved when renewing the GUM AC series.
Clarification of the difference between the GUM regular and AC series The AC series did not clearly communicate the basis for its high performance compared to the regular series, and its value was not sufficiently communicated to consumers. In addition, on product shelves with a lot of text information, it was also necessary to demonstrate its premium nature as a high value-added series. Core value enhancement GUM has supremacy in the market as a pioneer in periodontal disease prevention since its creation in 1989, but high-performance products have appeared one after another from competitors in recent years, and because there are now many competing brands for periodontal disease prevention, it is now urgently necessary to strengthen the core values of GUM for periodontal disease prevention.


When starting the development of the new AC series package design, Bannistar conducted field surveys of GUM's main sales channels, focusing on competition analyses and drug stores. The new brand concept that was "Toughening mouths from the inner gums". Based on that concept, the package design was developed with a premium feel as a high added value product of the GUM brand. While inheriting the GUM brand footprint, it is designed to improve the feeling of efficacy by organizing all of the necessary information to be included on the package.

The new AC series called the GUM PROCARE series was thus created, and it has been sold at drug stores and supermarkets nationwide since January 2018.

Client Voice

With intensifying competition in the periodontal disease category, we were considering the renewal of the GUM AC series.
Bannistar participated in the project consistently from concept study to package design development. I believe that the newly created GUM PROCARE series has become a product that is highly appealing to target customers, and has strengthened differentiation from the GUM regular series, which had previously been an issue.

Person in charge, Sunstar Inc.