Saison Information Systems


Implementation Period:
2019.4 - 2020.7 (1 year 3 months)
Implementation Tasks
[Research Analysis] Workshop
[Brand Strategy] Brand Strategy/ Brand Statement / Brand Tagline
[Design Development] Brand Logo/ Touchpoint Design / Brand Guidelines

Bannistar worked on the brand strategy to strengthen the business brand “HULFT” of Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.
This business brand offers “Data Management Solutions”, and consists of file linkage/data linkage tool brand “HULFT”, which boasts top shares in Japan, and data linkage middleware product brand “DataSpider”, which has the number 1 customer satisfaction rate in Japan. The product brand “HULFT” has a quarter-century long history, already has been introduced to 43 countries and over 10,000 companies worldwide (as of October 2020), and has the third highest global shares in the Managed File Transfer Suites category. The business brand “HULFT” also is expandable to meet the needs of customers by adding more products in the future. This project began to establish the brand’s original value proposition, and strengthen the brand in the future.


The long-standing product brand “HULFT” and the brand “DataSpider”, which merged through M&A, each had independent brand activities. Therefore, the brand concept of the combined business brand “HULFT” had become diluted. Customer recognition leaned toward the product brand “HULFT”, and though the brand was highly trusted, there was the possibility that the image of an “brand that has been around for a long time” had stuck.
Visual representation also differed in logos and brand colors by product line, making the brand appear inconsistent and unorganized. The business brand lacked a strong presence.
Because of these reasons, there was a need to update the brand mission and create a foundation for growth to represent a business that offered “Data Management Solutions”, and to strengthen the business brand to have a consistent image.


“Becoming a guidepost for the future, help people in decision-making, and towards valuable information that motivates action” Along with project members, Bannistar held workshops with themes such as the current status of product brands “HULFT” and “DataSpider”, where the brand should be in ten years, changes in the market environment ten years from now, and new potential target customers. We discussed the future relationship between data, the company, and society, and interviewed users from customer companies.

Based on this work, we targeted people who want to better utilize data for business success in the coming era where all data is connected through globalization and increasing cloud/AI usage. We decided to promote the idea that “by freely connecting data, we will turn information into useful knowledge and generate empathy through data.” We also created “Move knowledge, Move markets” as the brand tagline. “Move knowledge, Move Markets” represents the brand’s commitment to inspire businesses and society by moving data that generates useful knowledge. Besides signifying motion, the word “move” also means to inspire. The brand tagline also represents how “HULFT” strives to be a brand that inspires society and people.

Similarly with the brand statement, we communicated the message that there is a big potential in data, and by utilizing information, even the world can be moved. We emotionally represented the data that we often take for granted can actually change the world.
Once the brand’s value proposition was solidified, Bannistar worked on visualizing this value by updating the brand’s visual identity. We utilized the orange color in the original “HULFT” design and refined the logo to look more modern and represent the brand personality of humane professionals.
We used the graphic “HULFT Gems”, which arranged the Japanese auspicious pattern “Shippo-Tsunagi” to represent HULFT’s pride as a Japanese brand, created dynamism that connects empathy through data, and increased the presence of business brand “HULFT”.

Client Voice

This project team consisted of young members in their late 20s to early 30s, selected from each department responsible for businesses in the future. Based on the background of the product’s development and the current business situation, we discussed and decided what kind of value we would provide to our customers in the future. At the beginning, when there were various different opinions, the process that was put together with Bannistar’s support was a great asset. Ultimately, we were able to power up and become a wonderful, cohesive business brand that unifies products with different images.
We are grateful for Bannistar’s contributions, despite the short project period; thank you.

Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.   Director   Yoshihisa Yamamoto