Bannistar developed the package and POP for Sarasa, a detergent brand by The Procter & Gamble Company of Japan Ltd.
Sarasa was launched in 2009 as a laundry detergent brand that has strong cleaning power with no added fluorescent, bleaching or coloring agents, and is gentle on skin. It’s widely loved by many users, who usually check the ingredients of detergents and search for those that are gentle on skin. However, to grow its market share and acquire more users, “highly active organic enzymes” were added to the original formula. It thoroughly removes dirt from every corner of fiber and returns clothes to their original whiteness. It was significantly renewed for customers who think that "I would be happy if everyone in my family could live comfortably while surrounded by the natural whiteness and feel of finished laundry".
Bannistar was in charge of developing the package and POP to acquire users for Sarasa for this renewal.


There were the following three challenges.
Acquisition of potential users The potential users that could be newly acquired were people pursuing their own lifestyles and wishing for the happiness of those important to them, similar to existing users. However, in contrast to existing users who feel value in the absence of additives in Sarasa, potential users not only pursued mere methods of washing clothes but cherished the value of things, and thought that the comfort of their families brought by washing them was most important. Therefore, it was necessary to develop an easy-to-understand message and package design that would give such potential users an awareness of the way of washing and trigger brand switching to Sarasa.
Conveying emotional differentiation Although Sarasa has clear differentiation in its "highly active organic enzymes” functional aspect, we believed that in order to acquire potential users, conveying what kind of good things there are for people who use it or emotional aspects would be better than explaining its functions. The new Sarasa is a detergent that makes families smile with a finish that is gentle on skin. It does not simple just remove dirt but has a value into the future. It was necessary to express this. Depicting detergency and gentleness on the skin How to depict the contradictory elements of high detergency and gentleness on the skin for the newly formulated "highly active organic enzymes" on the package was a big challenge for the renewed package.


Even though it is an additive-free, skin-friendly detergent, it has the high practicality of "finishing with the original whiteness". It also has the joy of families smiling because of Sarasa. The goal of the design was to express "comfortableness" by including these two points.
For its a tone and manner, it shows it has both high cleaning power and is gentle on skin, while depicting the kindness of thinking about one’s family or simple and smart modernity with the multiple perpendicular colored lines. Also, the POP was given a simple design based on a "leaf" that depicts "highly active organic enzymes".
The package design has a presence in stores overloaded with information.