Bannistar developed packaging and point-of-purchase advertising for the detergent brand “Sarasa” under P&G Japan Limited.
“Sarasa” was released in 2009 as a laundry detergent brand that is gentle and effective without added brightening agents, bleach, or color dye. It has been loved by users who are particular about the ingredients in a detergent and prioritize gentleness to skin. In order to expand market share by acquiring new users, the brand newly added “high activity organic enzymes,” a cleaning aid obtained from natural ingredients which thoroughly removes spots and stains and restores the original whiteness of clothing. The brand underwent a significant renewal aimed at customers who wish to live comfortably with their families, surrounded by laundry that keeps its natural whiteness and texture.
For this renewal, Bannistar developed packaging and point-of-purchase advertising in order for “Sarasa” to acquire new users.


In this project, we faced three challenges.
Acquiring potential users We pinpointed people who, just like current users, pursue their own lifestyles and prioritize the happiness of those close to them as potential users. However, unlike current users who value Sarasa’s additive-free detergent, potential users were people who also valued experiences along with washing methods and put the comfort of their families first when selecting a laundry detergent. To reach these potential users, it was necessary to develop an easily understandable message and packaging that would convince them to switch brands to “Sarasa”. As a brand that conveys emotional distinction, “Sarasa” had established functional distinction with its “highly active organic enzymes”. However, in order to acquire potential users, instead of explaining the brand’s functional distinction, we found it necessary to convey its emotional distinction: what good there is for the user. The new “Sarasa” is a detergent that is gentle on the skin and makes the family smile. “Sarasa” not only removes stains but also has an experiential value. It was necessary to express these points. Representing cleansing power and gentleness to skin A large point of focus in packing renewal was how to compatibly represent the contrasting elements of having a high cleansing power and being gentle to skin of the newly added “highly active organic enzymes” through packaging.


A high level of practicality that is additive-free, gentle on skin, and “restores original whiteness”. An experiential happiness knowing that “Sarasa” will make families smile. These two points were combined into the phrase “feeling good”, which we tried to represent as our design goal.

For Tone & Manner, we gave meaning to each multicolored line, overlapping perpendicularly, to express the coexistence of cleansing power and a gentleness on skin and representing a family-friendly kindness as well as a simple and sharp modernness.
For point-of-purchase advertising, a leaf representing “high activity organic enzymes” became the motif in the product’s simple design.
Within stores overridden by information, our packaging had a strong presence.