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Oronine H Ointment


Bannistar worked on communication development for “Oronine H Ointment” under Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc. as a Strategic Planner in collaboration with advertising company Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo (W+K).
“Oronine H Ointment” is a skin disease/wound-treating therapeutic used as a home remedy for skin troubles that contains, chlorhexidine gluconate, which is good for disinfecting.
“Oronine H Ointment” was produced in 1953 and is a household medicine that has been popular in Japanese households since its founding.


Acquiring new consumers While “Oronine H Ointment” has been loved as a long-seller brand, there was always a demand to acquire new consumers, such as young people. There was a need to work on strategy building, using quantitative/qualitative research analysis to identify core targets, clarify product usage, and clarify consumer desires.


Through analyzing marketing perspectives, Bannistar gained understanding of formative experiences between consumers and “Oronine H Ointment”, and identified the brand’s appeals. Our conclusion was that in order to acquire consumers who would retain their formative experiences with “Oronine H Ointment”, there was a need to communicate the brand’s emotional value through depictions of actual usage rather than only communicating its functional value as an over-the-counter drug.
In this project, we focused on the “hands” of mothers who are busy raising children. With taglines such as “Let’s praise working hands”, and “Don’t give up, winter hands”, and by using unique video representations to depict hands that interact with children and are overworked in household chores, we were able to freshly renew Oronine’s image.

There has also been a great user response on Facebook and Twitter after airing commercials, and there are hundreds of comments on the official social media accounts.

Client Voice

Oronine H Ointment is a product created in 1953, and had the challenge of increasing brand freshness and acquiring new consumers.
Mr. Hosoya at Bannistar worked on strategy planning to resolve this challenge, and as a result, we were able to set a new sales record, and sales are still steady today. Because of Bannistar’s focus on the “story” with branding, Oronine was able to have a brilliant revival.
Along with acquiring consumer favorability, Oronine has been able to grow into a brand that receives attention even within the over-the-counter pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to their brand strategy/tactics, we believe that Bannistar has led our brand, which may have fallen into a period of decline without help, into another period of growth.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc.  Marketing Department  Manager   Takashi Toyokawa
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