Omron Healthcare

Design that turns hearts forward


Bannistar provided total support to strengthen the design philosophy of OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd. (Omron Healthcare).
Omron Healthcare has long advocated “Shaped for people.” as its philosophy to design from the user’s point of view. A new project was started to further strengthen the company design philosophy and equip it with an attitude to proceed to a new stage in its business.


“Shaped for people.” has been used for around 10 years.
The health and lifestyles of users have diversified, requiring a change in design philosophy.
The linchpin of “Shaped for people.“ was a thorough user perspective. The mission of the project was to return to the origins and reinforce the design philosophy.


Bannistar oversaw the design department's discussions over the course of about a year, re-examined the design philosophy and created an in-house booklet that organized everything systematically. Moreover, with the help of outside teams, we formulated the new design philosophy slogan “Design that turns hearts forward”.
The basic thinking behind "Design that turns hearts forward" is an affirmation of people’s honest feelings about health. It shows Omron’s attitude about healthcare, designed so that people can work on their own health with positivity while not neglecting their own health management because they are bothered, trying not to address health problems with anxiety or fear, and understanding negative attitudes toward health.
In addition, as an aggregation of the Omron Healthcare design philosophy, we created a photobook along with the external team using the new slogan as the subject.
In the photo book, with the help of real users and people with health problems, we spelled out their realistic expressions and lifestyles with catchy words. The aim of the photobook was not to reveal the design philosophy of the company unilaterally, but to have readers gain a natural interest while superimposing it on themselves.

Client Voice

Omron Healthcare has been working on the design with the first priority on delivering medical devices such as blood pressure monitors to customers in an appropriate manner.
However, as the times have changed, our challenge is shifting from manufacturing and selling medical equipment to "supporting the health and well-being of each and every person".
The roles all employees need to play have expanded dramatically.
Therefore, I thought that we would like to summarize the basic attitude for customers, and put together the concepts that would create the basis of discussions in a form that could be transmitted both inside and outside the company.
By having Bannistar participate, I think that we were able to organize the challenges while always being aware of communicating from an objective point of view.
I am also grateful that all project members dealt with the concerns like their own.
I feel that process resulted in professional quality output.

Yukiko Mitsunami, OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd.