(Design that inspires a positive mind)


Bannistar supported the strengthening of design philosophy for OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd. (Omron Healthcare).
Omron Healthcare has advocated for “ヒトを想うカタチ” (Shapes that care people) for many years with the philosophy of designing from the user’s point of view, but a new project started to realize an even stronger design philosophy that would bring the attitude of engaging in business to a new stage.


It was about ten years ago that the aforementioned philosophy of “ヒトを想うカタチ” (Shapes that care people) was enacted.
Since then, the health and lifestyles of users have diversified, and the design philosophy needed to change accordingly.
The central idea of “ヒトを想うカタチ” (Shapes that care people) was a thorough user’s perspective. The mission of the project was to return to this central point and to solidify the foundation of the design philosophy.


We spent about a year working with the members of the design department to reexamine the design philosophy and created a booklet that organized their thoughts. We also cooperated with an external team to create the new design philosophy slogan “こころが前を向くデザイン” (Design that inspires a positive mind).
The basis of “こころが前を向くデザイン” (Design that inspires a positive mind) is an affirmation of people’s honest feelings about health. This philosophy represents Omron Healthcare’s stance of pursuing designs that will help people work on their health with a positive mind, while also understanding negative attitudes about health, such as a neglect to attend to personal health because it is bothersome, or the anxiety and fear that prevents some from facing health problems head on.
We also created a photobook with an external team to integrate the design philosophy of Omron Healthcare.
We asked actual users and people who have worries about their health to join the photobook, and their real emotions and lifestyles were shown alongside catchy words. Rather than educating people one-sidedly on the company’s design philosophy, we aimed to create a book that would allow readers to naturally take an interest in Omron Healthcare by relating stories to their own experiences.

Client Voice

At OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd., we have worked on design with the first priority of delivering medical devices such as blood pressure monitors to customers.
However, with the changing times, our challenge has shifted from the manufacture and sales of medical devices to “supporting a healthy lifestyle for each person”.
The roles that each employee plays have also dramatically expanded.
Therefore, we wanted to solidify our outlook on customer communication, as well as concepts that could be a basis of discussion, in a form that could be communicated within and without the company.
With Bannistar’s participation, we were able to solve our issues while always being aware of “communicating” from an objective point of view.
I am also grateful that all project members faced the issues as if they were their own.
I believe that the process resulted in professional-quality output.

OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd. Yukiko Mitsunami

Staff List
Project Manager:
BANNISTAR Inc. Masato Hosoya
Art Director:
Hatsumei-inc. Jiro Aoki
Okakin, Inc. Kinya Okamoto, HirotomoTakei
BANNISTAR Inc. Keitaro Tomida
amana inc. Satoshi Muraki, Yuriko Sakurai
Hatsumei-inc. Kayano Shinonome
D-CORD Limited Yuki Morishima
amana digital imaging inc. Takehiko Murata