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Bannistar was in charge of everything about the new skincare product naive BOTANICAL by Kracie Home Products, Co., Ltd. from value setting to package design.
naive BOTANICAL is a nature-oriented brand for women featuring olive ingredients, and is derived from the family brand “naive” that mainly contains plant ingredients. When the product was being developed from 2016 to 2017, botanical products were a big trend in the market. The term “botanical girl” was born from the trend of women wanting to live comfortably incorporating the power of plants not only for skin care but also in fashion and their lifestyles. In this kind of market environment, naive BOTANICAL was developed targeting women who want to live in a botanical and comfortable environment.


Development started from package design, which is the core of brands. During development, it was first necessary to clarify the differentiating factors of naive BOTANICAL and competing brands, identify the target of the product brand, and to search for insight.
Clarification of POD Although olive itself is highly reliable as a natural ingredient, it was assumed that brand switching would be difficult just by having cleansing with olive components and not novel ingredients. And while competitive products were botanicals, their RTBs were unclear, they used olives that were not domestically grown or only olive oil, and were limited to physical property values, making it necessary to formulate differentiation points for naive BOTANICAL.
Fulfilling the target's desires As research progressed, we understood that the target of naive BOTANICAL sought “something that is a little expensive but good in quality and understandable” and “something that is exciting by holding it” from the appearance and not just the contents. On the other hand, natural cosmetics generally have designs that feel rustic and familiar, and the expectations of the target were not being met especially by brands that contain olive ingredients with only uniform visuals of olives.


Approach to be regarded as a lifestyle brand
Bannistar formulated this brand’s POD as "using select olives from all over the world, it will moisturize not only your skin but also your mind with the power of its natural ingredients", and was able to express the function of olives and also the emotional value of using this product and incorporate it into the brand.
Also, instead of expressing the kindness and simplicity that natural cosmetics tend to have in their designs, we attempted one that met the high desire for a “brand with high quality and excitement” sought by the target.
The brand design completed after consumer research has become something that strikes a chord with the target with a sense of earthiness, stylishness and effortlessness based on the times. In addition, Bannistar formulated "liveness of olives with a sense of openness" as the value provided, and summarizes everything in a brand guideline so that everyone involved in the brand could unwaveringly share the world view.