Chuoken Senbei



For the okaki rice cracker brand “Kirinosaka” by Chuoken Senbei Co. Ltd., Bannistar did everything from brand value definition, defining its world view, logo development, brand statements, product naming and package design. Chuoken Senbei is a Japanese rice cracker manufacturer that was established in Tokyo in 1923.
It has developed and sold products best suited to the times with an aim to present customers the best taste while carefully preserving Japan’s unique food culture. Chuoken Senbei developed the brand “Kirinosaka Chuoken” in 2011 to present the essence of rice and other ingredients based on traditions of rice snack manufacturing, and a rebranding project was launched to improve brand value and capture younger age groups.


Reposition okaki rice crackers When rebranding Kirinosaka Chuoken, it was important to reconsider this from the position of okaki itself.
Okaki rice crackers has been loved in Japan for a long time. However, its presence continued to decrease as new, unique sweets from overseas western confectionery brands and famous producers kept entering the confectionery market. Younger generations in particular are gradually moving away from okaki, and because the snack was associated with the image of “something that was in their grandparent’s home when they were younger”, there was the need to show okaki in a new light for the target.


Bannistar conducted a qualitative survey targeting women in their 30s and 40s when rebranding Kirinosaka Chuoken.
After obtaining the results, we decided to target “women who value their private time but are still accommodate friends and family”.
In order to have them want to eat with their friends and family, we formulated the "proposal for a new okaki time" as the brand concept. By suggesting new ways of eating okaki and snacking scenes, such as eating them with wine or beer and sometimes eating them as snacks at picnics, we aimed to break away from the old image of okaki and reach the new target.
We developed a new brand logo, statement and package design to precisely convey the new brand concept. The product name was also changed to “Kirinosaka” for a closer world view to the target group. In addition, we are also developing visual communication through Instagram.
The package design has the theme of "tokimeki” (heart beat) generator, and we tried to have a combination of pleasantness that makes you feel good while also giving a sense of the "fineness" that Chuoken Senbei has always had since its inception. A pink “botanical pattern” was developed, and it was been used for the package and various applications.
After the launch of the new okaki brand Kirinosaka in the summer of 2018 at Hikarie in Shibuya, Tokyo, it was sold in locations such as department stores, markets and Chuoken Senbei’s online store.

Client Voice

The challenge was how to get younger generations to try products by Chuoken Senbei, which highly values the deliciousness of rice and the other ingredients themselves. From the start of the project, Bannistar was involved not only in brand strategy planning and the development of various designs but also consistently new product planning and the planning and management of promotions. It would be great if we could have more people, especially target women, know about our thoughts and preferences, and make even just one more person smile through our Kirinosaka products.

Tadashi Yamada, Chuoken Senbei Co., Ltd.