Nihon Kraft Foods



Bannistar developed the package design for Recaldent, a sugarless gum by Mondelez Japan Co., Ltd. (formerly Nihon Kraft Food Co., Ltd.). Recaldent is the first gum in Japan to be effective for decalcification suppression and remineralization in the field of making teeth strong and healthy with FOSHU approval. The brand is a pioneering dental gum (in 2004, its claim of “acid-resistance enhancement” obtained FOSHU approval). With this renewal, all products obtained FOSHU approval. With the excellent effects of the milk-derived ingredient CPP-ACP, which suppresses the development *1 of cavities, it has evolved into a gum with a combination of function and style for strong and healthy teeth.


Recaldent was a pioneer brand in the dental gum category, but its positioning was unstable due to the appearance of competing dental gums and the rise of tablets. The market for chewing gum is shrinking in Japan, and the drop is particularly significant in the area of dental gum. The main reason is the drop in the consumption of its main users: women in their 30s and 40s. Under such circumstances, as a dental gum pioneer, Recaldent aimed to recover dental gum purchases by women in their 30s and 40s by developing products that met their needs and style, and wanted to stimulate the dental gum market and the gum market as a whole.


Bannistar has set the design concept as “balance control”. The aim is to position Recaldent, a gum that combines function and style, as an item for the easy self-care of tooth health even during busy days. We adopted a simple package design that matches the sensibilities of the target women in their 30s and 40s, and are responding to the needs of the target with a colorful and stylish design linked to the flavor. The identity design combining the letters "R" and "E" shows "Re", which representing refresh and reactivation, while forming a heart-shaped symbol. As a result, we have established a new position as a new dental gum acceptable to women.