July 2011

Bannistar Tokyo, Moving.

We want to inform to you all that we will be leaving Kagurazaka where we spend three years and move to Hanegi, Setagaya on July 23rd.

Seven minutes on Inogashira line from Shibuya, five minutes on foot from Shin-Daita station. As you walk through the Hanegi’s tranquil residential area, you will find our new office inside a small forest.

As we contemplate future living, we decided that a place where people can live richly and happily should be Bannistar’s new location. So please feel free to visit. We will be waiting.


バニスター東京は、 7月22日をもって、丸3年慣れ親しんだ、神楽坂を離れます。


渋谷から井の頭線で約7分。新代田駅から歩いて5分。 閑静な住宅街にある、羽根木の小さな森の中に、オフィスがあります。

未来の暮らしを考え続けているバニスターにとって、 人が、豊かに、幸せに、住まう場所こそが、僕らが居る場所だと考えました。


new office.jpg

Come Fly with Us!

BANNISTAR’s 3rd Anniversary Video.

Happy Bannistar. With all our thanks.