March 2011

今、僕らに何ができるのか。それを、考え続けています。 今回の地震の第一報は、シンガポールの空港で、羽田行の搭乗を待っている時でした。すぐネットを繋ぎ、ネット電話で東京メンバーの無事を確認しました。しかし、空港のテレビで見たCNNやASIA CHANNELのBREAKING NEWSで映し出された光景は、まるで悪夢のようで、パスポートを片手に思わずその場に立ちすくみました。当然、当日のフライトはキャンセルになり、次の日のフライトで、先ほど帰国しました。






“What can we do now?” I’ve been thinking this over and over again. When I was informed about this disastrous earthquake in Japan, I was waiting for my plane bound for Haneda at the Singapore airport. Promptly, I confirmed safety of members in Japan office via Internet phone call. Although the havoc I’ve seen through the BREAKING NEWS on CNN, ASIA CHANNEL broadcast in the airport Television was nothing but pure nightmare. I couldn’t do anything but to stand paralyzed with the passport in my hand. The flight was canceled as a matter of course, so I took the flight next day and arrived back home just now.

But it was grateful to receive calls from business partners in Singapore and friends from Asia and Europe asking me, “Were the staff in Tokyo alright?” “Were your family alright?” they sounded really uneasy about it. That was the moment I felt kindness from people all over the world.

Through creative and branding activities, this Japanese originating company has begun building a new network in Asia. And now, we are thinking over what this small company can do for Japan. Therefore, all our present activities abroad are based on this beautiful countries prosperity.

Now is the time for us to effectively utilize ‘Bannistar Singapore’ in order to contribute to Japan.

Do not forget that nations all over the world are deeply concerned about Japan. And we believe Japan ‘WILL’ recover from this devastation and win back its previous prosperity.

Look up and throw out your chest. Japan must collaborate as one to endure this havoc. I’m writing this blog praying, hoping that everybody in this country will be fine.