September 2010

負けない欲望。Resolute Desire



今、僕が日本の中で探し、大切にしていることは「負けない欲望」です。こんなふうにしたいという強い信念があれば、すべてにおいてチャンスはあると思うのです。最近、弊社も、地方の地場有力メーカーのご相談が増えています。 「負けない欲望」は、一部の日本の地方の人たちのほうがあるのではないでしょうか。なぜかというと、ただ単に現状から見える判断ではなく、強い想いが先行していて、トライアンドエラーを繰り返しながら、早い判断で前に進もうとしているからです。「負けない欲望」とは、強い夢とも言えるし、常識を覆す革新性とも言い換えられます。

やはり、人は、危機感や利益だけでは、充実感のある行動に変化できないと思うのです。結果的に商品やサービスが、お客様(エンドユーザー)に感動を与えることもできない。危機感や利益だけでなく、「負けない欲望」が絶対に必要なのです。 ニッポンは、やっぱり凄い。自分も含めてもう一度心を奮い立たせて、「負けない欲望」を胸に秘め、日本の素晴らしい企業の為に全力で努力したいと思っています。

As I’ve expressed my thought very often here, this year Bannistar started going out from Japan establishing work for Asia in Singapore as Bannistar’s second location. I myself feel much calmed since I commute between Singapore and Japan back and forth each month; must-do job for a CEO, I’d say. I, Japanese who loves Japan, have something to write for you today.

Only one thing. Something that is lacked in Japanese people is what is called “Desire.” They are lacking the attitude of proactiveness, something that is grown from desire. As human beings, all kinds of action are generated from desire. If we can’t define whether this is something that fulfills us or not, makes us happy or unhappy, I’d say this is not proactive action from desire. This is just an undeniable fact. The desire that Asian people want to seek somehow goes far beyond that of Japan. That’s why; they are flexible to receive all kinds of things.

Now, something essential I’ve been looking for in Japan is “Resolute Desire.” If we’ve this strong belief of having an urge to do something, chances are everywhere. Recently, our company is dealing with local manufacturers more. I wonder if one part of Japanese people in upcountry owns this “Resolute Desire” quality. I mention about this because I’m trying to go forward with a quick judgment while using my strong emotion first and while practicing trial-and-error process, not that I use the judgment by seeing simply and only current situation. “Resolute desire” can be also explained as potent dream, in other words, a reformation by overthrowing the conventional ideas.

Absolutely, having only sense of impending crisis and profit, human cannot change to the action that possesses a sense of fulfillment. Considering the result of a product and service, they won’t be able to impress their clients (end users). It’s substantially necessary to have not only sense of impending crisis and profit, also this so-called “Resolute Desire.”

Japan is just amazing. Including me, I would like to cheer them up, with this “Resolute Desire” deep inside my heart, and exert all my strength to the magnificent Japanese industry.