Brand Story

Our concept of the Brand Story is a narrative of the brand, 
implanted in your mind. Nourished by your creative interpretation,
the brand grows & weaves itself into the story of your self.

We create excellent brands. To do so, we start by unearthing the DNA inherent to the brand & translate it into a “BRAND STORY”, which can be told from person to person.

BANNISTAR’s “BRAND STORY” is not a worn-out methodology in which an advertising campaign is turned into a story. It is not a consumer-centred one that is about “one day in the life of Mr. or Ms. X”. Nor is it about reminding people of the history of some brand that lives only in the past.

What we really need is to weave a story that is product or service-centric, to solve current brand issues, & organise & contextualise the brand owner’s intention & vision.

The aim of contextualisation is to allow the brand’s essential values to pop out in a 3-dimensional way. The STORY helps people to associate it with their personal memories & experiences. This lets them set strong emotional anchors & become deeply involved with the brand. Our STORY stimulates the 5 senses & reminds us of unspoiled memories deep within our minds. Which differentiates it from convenient but superficial, conventional brand strategies.

Brands grow, just like people, by undergoing “Complications” & “Resolutions” Our system allows people to grow a brand in the form of “STORY” through their own creative minds. We believe a brand can be infused with real emotions & humanity as it goes through people’s imagination & creativity, & so, evoke emotions & preferences such as “Like” & “Want”.

The STORY, by nature, also works in this rapidly globalising world. The manner in which it is visibly and literarily structured enables it to tap on people’s creativity to transcend the boundaries of language, culture & race. In other words, the STORY can be a practical & universal device to link people & products across the world.

Shopper Marketing Design

Shopper Marketing Design stimulates the 5 senses & emotions
through the Brand Story to heighten the brand experience
while reeling in the numbers.

‘2 seconds’. This is the moment an average customer takes to make a purchasing decision at the store. It tells us that rational thinking alone never works for them in shopping. Nowadays, we are required to create a store environment to stimulate their 5 senses. Or to even give a sense of occasion, instead of a simple, efficient promotion.

BANNISTAR’s “Shopper Marketing Design” is our design strategy for the moment of purchase. It not only attracts shoppers based on consumer purchase behaviours & decision-making analysis, it also accumulates brand value.

The STORY works best particularly through channels which shoppers directly see in-store, such as packaging, store boards, leaflets and in-store movies. We then build design strategies based on these 3 steps: A) STOP: Shoppers stop for a look at a product on the shelf, B) HOLD: Hold the product in their hands, & C) CLOSE: Bring the product up to the cashier.

Developing designs based on the STORY maximises the effect of our in-store communications, & produces positive results. From there, we create communication plans for other media such as TV, magazines, web & events. Our methodology is exactly the opposite of conventional advertising agencies: To build from in-store success cases.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, Shopper Marketing Design gives a new perspective in product development & prevents brands from turning into commodities. This is the power of BANNISTAR’s approach to Shopper Marketing.

Consumer Behavior Analysis

Searching for people’s mysteries
— for us, branding starts here.

What kind of drinks will a woman like? Did you know the answer relates to that woman’s image of her ideal man? This connection is a proven fact, discovered through an analysis of data on personal preferences.
As this example shows, there are countless mysteries hidden within people’s minds. At Bannistar, we believe that these mysteries, which science can help us uncover, are an extremely important element in successful marketing. Discovering these mysteries reveals the fundamental connection that exists between the customer and the brand, which we consider to be extremely important. In other words, our goal is not to “force” a consumer to make a purchase through ad hoc marketing communications but to make them “want” to make a purchase through creating within them genuine empathy for the brand.
We utilize our unique method of analysis to acquire many insights into this bond between the consumer and the brand. Then we use the insights and study the places where people make purchases to discern customers’ real intentions and their rationales behind impulse purchases. We call this independently developed scientific method of analysis “Bannistar BT ScanTM,” and it enables us to acquire a deep understanding of consumer psychology.

BT Scan™
We developed the Bannistar BT ScanTM by applying our expertise in areas such as personality-measurement tools and our understanding of the psychology that underpins consumer behavior. By taking the perspective of a consumer, the BT ScanTM can measure and analyze trends in consumer behavior and predict what products they are likely to purchase in the future. In addition to a combined analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, we use the BT ScanTM to conduct an exhaustive assessment of consumer sentiment, the factors behind their purchases, and the factors that influence their purchases. We then use this information in to identify the category our client fits into.

A major characteristic of the Bannistar BT ScanTM is that, rather than positioning customers into groups, it draws out customers’ purchase orientations through accumulating harmonies within individual consumer behavior. This method not only enables us to grasp current conditions, but also to anticipate upcoming changes in spending patterns.

Examples of previous case studies:
Analysis of consumer behavior relating to
・ Foods and seasoning
・ Soft drinks
・ Dairy products
・ Entertainment and amusement parks
・ Analysis of perceptions of corporate brands
We have also completed projects
in many other areas