“Considering ways of living in the future”
This is our starting point.

It is said that times have changed and the era of simply selling “things” has come to an end.
However, does this not merely reflect the limits to the marketing methods that have been used up to the present time?
In order to encourage consumers to purchase a certain product,
we must do more than simply analyze its market and competitor products and identify its competitive advantages.
More than even before, we must broaden the scope of our investigations and aim
to fully comprehend how the product fits into people’s lifestyles.
In other words, this new approach requires us to not start from “things,” but from “people.
” We need to view people as not merely consumers, but to see the whole picture of the way they live,
to view them as “lifestylers” who experience a range of emotions. To do this, we must think carefully about the present and the future. Then, on this foundation we can search for ways to build, position, and actualize the brand.
At Bannistar, we provide the teams that can turn ideas into reality.

Branding Design/Brand Management

Concept Design
Package Design
3D Design
Shelf Design
POP design
Web Design
Brand Managemet Book/Web
Design Guidelines           etc.

Building up the essence of a brand with creativity and continuity
“Branding brings about long-lasting behavior”

Our definition of branding may be extremely simple, but it is the coalescence of all our convictions and approaches regarding brands.
For a brand to maintain a strong bond with consumer over the long term, we must precisely draw out the essence of that brand, as this will reveal to us how to create a design that is both appropriate and unique. We must then precisely deliver this brand to the consumer who want it.
There are two key factors required to realize a brand in this way–creativity and continuity. Without creativity, a brand absolutely cannot reveal its true appeal, and without continuity it cannot maintain its essence, its DNA. At Bannistar, we have made it our mission to undertake both these responsibilities and ensure that they result in the brand’s improved performance.
We use our “Brand Builder” to create a brand strategy that targets future
conditions, and our “Design Builder” to make visible the essence of a brand and to imprint this essence into the minds of consumers. Utilizing these tools, we join forces with our clients to create powerful teams, and based on a long-term perspective, we work with them to shape the brand into its ideal form.

Bannistar Brand Podium™

We use the Brand Podium to define the various aspects of the brand – such as its theoretical, emotional, and visual aspects – and to establish a uniqueness that will clearly differentiate it from competitor brands.

The Brand Podium helps us bring into clear focus the relationship between the brand and the consumer; it enables us to visualize how the brand should appear in the future and to establish a vision and strategy to serve as guidelines fro the brand. Like a conductor on a stage commanding his orchestra, we use the Brand Podium to integrate and direct the many different elements of a brand, which allows us to draw out the brand's potential to the greatest possible extent.

Science and creativity

For example, design-oriented production and engineering companies are prone to rely on subjective intuition and values derived from experiences to produce creative results that are not backed up by science. On the other hand, some strategic consulting companies carry our brand surveys and analysis from the perspective of the actual product, but they lack methods of realizing the true creative essence of the brand that incorporates the perspective of the people who actually buy the product.

We employ a different business style than either of these types of companies. We leverage “Mind Builder” as our objective left-brain function and “Brand Builder / Design Builder” as our creative right-brain function. By integrating both those functions, we can offer our clients effective branding solutions that produce tangible results.

At Bannistar, we organically combine left brain and right brain functions to merge scientific analysis with creativity, which enables us to discover the essence of the solution that will address every aspect of a marketing problem.

The problems our clients ask us to solve differ enormously, both in terms of scale and content. For us, what is most important is to find the essence of the problem. Once found, solving it will not necessarily require a large communications budget. However, as we work with our clients to progress a project, we always stress one prerequisite to them; that it is vitally important we work together to consider the project carefully and prepare a table showing all the different ways we can think about the project, which we then discuss. After one meeting with us our clients come to fully understand the importance of this process.